The Test of Time: Dr. Foster on the Science Behind Are You the One?

The new #trending show on Netflix, ‘Are you the One?’ is not so new, and originally aired on MTV. It has been so exciting to see this show gain more attention, especially since you can see that there are lasting results! What is not as well understood is that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make sure the contestants have the opportunity to be successful on the show.

Reality TV…there are so many reactions to how people feel about it. Unfortunately, a lot of negative reactions are highlighted and discussed. Take a look at Amber and Ethan though, from Season One, what a beautiful story of two individuals coming together and continuing to make their love last well after the film crews have stopped recording.

As highlighted in Amber’s article on Huffpost, yes, Amber and Ethan had to ‘put in the work’ to keep their relationship strong, but before they even realized they had found ‘the one’, I had completed data analysis on these two lovebirds and informed the producers that they were a perfect match. Once we knew they would be a match, I was able to hop on a plane to Kauai to assist in solidifying this lasting relationship.

Being a behavioral, psychoanalytic and Gottman-based matchmaker means the formulas I create allow for lifelong bonds. Call it true love or chemistry, at the end of the day, it is the scientific understanding of the human psyche that determines who will form attachments that forge a strong foundation for the future. Catch my other article on this topic here

A strong foundation is what we look for in relationships. If the foundational building blocks are there: trust, friendship, open communication, and a general “fondness” for each other, then a couple can thrive. If just one part of the foundation begins to crack, so do the others. As a psychologist, I have a great window into seeing how relationships work and of course, how they do not work which is what helped me to develop the formula used on ‘Are you the One?’ for matchmaking.

Dr. Foster practices psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families. Implementing cognitive-behavioral and psychoanalytic interpretation and interventions, Dr. Foster offers assessment and diagnosis of disorders and delivers a holistic approach to the doctor/patient experience. Utilizing the evidenced-based relationship-building techniques validated by the Gottman Institute research, Dr. Foster helps patients build new communication patterns and understanding. For more information,

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