Media Consulting

Dr. Erin Foster offers on and off-screen support for television, movies and web-based programming.  Her therapy consultations and applied behavioral analysis for media is available in interview or conversational format. Her therapy consultations and applied behavioral analysis for media are available in interview or conversational format as talent and behind the scenes as movies and television programs consult with her for their scripts and content.Topics include relationships, personality disorders, current events, business and corporate psychology, and unravelling learned neurological patterns. Her focus is on relationships as they pertain to personal and professional dynamics.  Appearing on medical-based programs like Dr. Drew and the Doctors, Dr. Erin Foster brings approachability and science-based facts to the psychology of current events and relationship struggles. Whether she is on television, consulting on films, in corporations, and at Universities, or working one-on-one in therapy sessions, Dr. Foster helps patients self-identify the core of their struggles and unravel behaviors and responses that motivate their decisions and relationships.

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Corporate Consulting

Dr. Foster offers therapy consultations and applied behavioral analysis for corporations. In her work in organizational management, Dr. Foster increases organizations’ success through the design, education and implementation of assessment-based talent management solutions.  TTI Success Insights maximizes the performance and satisfaction of employees, while increasing business results for corporations. Dr. Foster uses the DISC behavioral assessment, a time-tested, validated solution proven to handle any talent management issue that develops within corporations.  Improving communication can be the first step to engaging an employee and increasing his or her job satisfaction.  Through aligned priorities and personal accountability we can cultivate the key skills necessary to advance on a clearly defined path of superior performance through increased presence.

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Family Wealth Counseling

Dr. Foster helps families sustain their wealth across generations. She facilitates decision-making around the complex issues that arise as a result of considerable wealth. To maximize their success, she creates cognitive recognition ofbehavior and motivations. Sharing the relationship values of the Gottman Institute, Dr. Foster helps clients build new communication patterns and understanding, ultimately maximizing the financial success of family-focused businesses.


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Couples Counseling

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Foster  works with couples and individuals using applied behavioral analysis in conjunction with psychotherapy.  She then assesses each individual’s behavioral style and motivations, teaching individuals and couples how to identify patterns of dysfunction and improve overall relationship quality and satisfaction through communication and active listening skills.  Moderating from session to session, Dr. Foster guides incremental change as couples adjust to positive accountability and personal growth.  

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Family Counseling

Much like the right and left brain must work together for healthy cognitive function, so must all the parts of the family. Scientific research  and evidence supports the connection between the mind and body in overall health and wellbeing. Balance in our family and in yourself occurs when we regulate our thoughts and emotions. Dr. Foster brings fresh and innovative techniques to the therapeutic process by utilizing guided imagery, visualization, breathing techniques and deep relaxation.  These out-of-the-box approaches help bring families together so the individuals can better function.


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Individual Counseling

In one-to-one sessions with patients, Dr. Foster supports individuals struggles with anxiety, depression, emotional processing, resilience, coping skills, and substance abuse disorders. Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves. Through the process of behavioral analysis Dr. Foster can define how your individual behaviors and motivators blend together in order to increase self-awareness and the integration of healthy coping skills and improved overall functioning.


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“Making a decision is only the beginning of things.  When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”

– The Alchemist