Erin Foster, Ed.D, LMFT

Appearing on medical-based programs like Dr. Drew and the Doctors, Dr. Erin Foster brings approachability and science-based facts to the psychology of current events and relationship struggles. You can find Dr. Foster on television, consulting on films, in corporations, Universities, or one-on-one therapy sessions. In each capacity, Dr. Foster helps patients self-identify the core of their struggles, unravel behaviors, and responses that motivate their decisions and relationships.  

Growing up, Erin was driven. Whether she was training for ballet or working side by side with her brother on complex obstacle courses (to the dismay of their cranky neighbor), she always worked hard and finished what she started.  This disciplined little girl also had a heart of gold, one that was always looking out for those who were less privileged and in need. Erin was the great neighborhood animal rescuer. Many of her childhood rescues ended up a part of their family on their ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley.  While Erin grew, so did her compassion for other small creatures, children. Today you will find her involved with nonprofits serving children locally and internationally. (Though you will still find her seeking out animals in need, or maybe they seek out her!)  

Dr. Erin Foster lives and works in Southern California.  She spends her downtime with friends, many of which she’s had since preschool. Most of her time is spent with her best friend, her daughter. They take advantage of the California outdoors and are often found surfing and skiing.  When they aren’t water or mountain adventuring, they are keeping their Bernese mountain dog from chewing up the furniture and hiding from the cats.

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