Dr. Erin Foster, LMFT

Dr. Foster’s extensive experience in the field of mental health and behavioral analysis delivers a multi-faceted holistic approach to address the diverse and complex needs of not only corporations, professional sports teams, but also individuals and families.

For over 10 years Dr. Foster has practiced psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families by implementing family systems counseling through her successful private practice in Manhattan Beach. She provides assessment and diagnosis of all DSM-V related disorders, implements Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for cognitive restructuring and behavior modification, and also provides psychoanalytic interpretation and interventions.

Dr. Foster’s specialization in Co-occurring Disorders addresses the unique treatment needs of individuals suffering from mental illness in conjunction with in substance abuse and addiction. She began her training at the California Family Counseling Center treating addictions and co-occurring disorders.  

Dr. Foster also works with organizations to increase productivity and results through the design, education and implementation of the DISC Behavioral Assessment tool; an assessment-based talent management solution.

Using her training and skills in behavioral analysis for organizational development, Dr. Foster has also partnered with private banks to work with their ultra high net worth clients. These partnerships and her private practice approach focuses specifically in wealth psychology and family dynamics addressing the impact of wealth transfer to next generations.

Dr. Foster has also provided behavioral and psychological consulting services for the television and radio industry. She is considered an expert in the field of addiction, relationships, improved performance and human behavior.  She serves as a media consultant and expert panelist, for shows like HLN’s Dr. Drew Show, CBS’s The Doctors, Extra’s CrimeWatch Daily, Discovery ID and Pivot’s Take Part Live.