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Dr. Erin Foster is a Relationship Therapist

The Test of Time: Dr. Foster on the Science Behind Are You the One?

The new #trending show on Netflix, ‘Are you the One?’ is not so new, and originally aired on MTV. It has been so exciting to see this show gain more attention, especially since you can see that there are lasting results! What is not as well understood is that there is a lot that goes […]

Dr. Foster’s 4 Secrets for Perfect Matches: The Psychology Behind Are You the One?

Are You the One? is trending on Netflix. It’s been fun to walk down memory lane and see how well-matched psychological and behavioral foundations truly lead to lasting connections.  Therefore, it seems an appropriate time to finally share some of my secret sauce to matchmaking and what makes love last. Secret #1: I created a […]

Love Languages: Chapman vs. Gottman

Love. It’s a tricky business isn’t it? It can be hard for two people to fully understand one another when it comes to love. And in turn, feel as if they are truly understood by those who “love” them. A common struggle in all relationships from beginning to end. There are ways to conquer this […]

Courting Is Over

Times have changed and the old school’ traditional dating is a thing of the past.  That sweet old fashioned notion that we’ll be picked up, taken out (without paying), and brought back home without our personal space being violated is currently considered an antiquated idea. But why? As a mom, I have my theories but […]

Fighting Fair

Do you ever feel stuck in an impossible place of frustration with your significant other where you just don’t feel heard? The communication is stagnant, circling the issue at hand and nothing is getting resolved? We have all experienced something like this in our relationships. Unfortunately this will happen, and it will probably happen more […]