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    Erin Foster, Ed.D, LMFT

    Appearing on medical-based programs like Dr. Drew and the Doctors, Dr. Erin Foster brings approachability and science-based facts to the psychology of current events and relationship struggles. Whether she is on television, consulting on films, in corporations, and at Universities, or working one-on-one in therapy sessions, Dr. Foster helps patients self-identify the core of their struggles and unravel behaviors and responses that motivate their decisions and relationships. 

    Growing up, Erin was driven and always strived to do her best, and then some! But at the heart of her ambition was a sincere desire to help animals and children in need. It’s this drive and compassion that defines the woman she has become and the unique approachability and empathy in her therapy practice and consultations.  Children, patients in her office, or studio audiences, all take away tools and advice that shift their behaviors for the better and allow them a life of positive response and empowerment. 

    Dr. Erin Foster lives and works in Southern California.  She spends her downtime with friends, many of which she’s had since preschool. Most of her time is spent with her best friend, her daughter. They take advantage of the California outdoors and are often found surfing and skiing.  When they aren’t water or mountain adventuring, they are keeping their Bernese mountain dog from chewing up the furniture and hiding from the cats.

     Dr. Foster’s Psychology Experience:

     Erin Foster, Ed.D, LMFT Dr. Foster earned her BA from Pepperdine University and a Masters from Phillips Graduate Institute, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a specialization in Co-Occurring Disorders.   She earned a doctorate in psychology from Argosy University with a focus on Humanistic and Psychoanalytic psychology.

    She began her training at the California Family Counseling Center treating addictions and co-occurring disorders.  She also served as a therapist at Twin Town Treatment center working with the families of those struggling with addiction.  From there she completed an internship at Brotman Medical Center, working triage in the psychiatric ER, in addition to providing group counseling for severe psychiatric disorders at Brotman’s outpatient facility, Exodus Recovery.  

    Upon licensure Dr. Foster worked with the Palos Verdes school system, providing school-based counseling services and individual psychotherapy for adolescents.  Dr. Foster began private practice in 2008 working with couples and individuals.  

    Within her private practice, she also uses her certification in behavioral analysis to provide management consulting services on the corporate level.  Her work in organizational management is dedicated to making organizations better through the design, education, and implementation of assessment-based talent management solutions, TTI Success Insights maximizes the performance and satisfaction of employees, while increasing business results for corporations.

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