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Intervention for an Exercise Addict

On The Doctors, Erin visits Psychotherapist Dr. Erin Foster, who believes that her problems involve more than exercise – Erin’s eating is disordered as well. “I don’t feel like I have an issue with food,” Erin claims, but then she reveals that she had an eating disorder at age 15. “Food is also a problem.” Dr. Foster tells her.

Erin recalled traumatic abuse by a childhood friend, and since then her addiction has spiraled further out of control. “I’m just scared my body’s going to break down,” she shares.

Eating disorders are the deadliest psychological disorders. If you or a loved one  needs help or resources regarding an eating disorder, contact the National Eating Disorder Association at 1-800-931-2237 or your doctor and/or therapist.

Media Consultant

Dr. Erin Foster is available in Los Angeles area as a Media Consultant. Please see below for more info.

The Doctors
Deadly Sins
Discovery ID
Crime Watch Daily
Love at First Flight
Take Part LIVE



Contributing Panelist for Dr. Drew

Contributing Expert for CrimeWatch

Creative Consultant for MTV’s Are You The One? Season 1

Creative Consultant for MTV’s Are You The One? Season 2 

Creative Consultant for MTV’s Are You The One? Season 3 

Behavioral Analyst for VH1’s Naked Dating

Psychological Consultant on feature film Brutal

Behavioral Analyst for Love at First Flight Season 1


Private Banks


The State of our Teens
An interactive educational forum with insights from local law enforcement, therapists and attorneys on creating awareness and safety for adolescents.

Is Anybody Listening?
An informative presentation on skills for communicating with adolescents, providing insights on how to help kids manage stress and cope with pressure.

21st Century Learning Conference
Exploring effective and creative ways of evolving the educational system through creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Asian Women in Business
Female Identity in Business: Creating balance in your identity as a woman and a woman who is successful in business.

Philanthropy and Art for the Woman of Wealth Organization of New Port CA/Orange County
The psychology of philanthropy and the gifting of art as a means of creating increased mental health for the aesthete and those giving.
Freedom for You Organization- Palos Verdes
Girl Wise: Teaching girls social skills, coping with peer pressure, decision making, setting boundaries.

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Dr. Erin Foster is available for consult on your next show.